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During our time gratefully serving the Fort Myers metropolitan area, we have handled the limo service for a plethora of different events for our clients. While these aren't all of the types of occasions that we are able to serve, (or accustomed to taking care of) they give you an idea as to the wide range of experience that we have in the business. Here are a few examples ...

Homecomings & Proms

Going to Homecoming and Prom is one of the best experiences that your son or daughter will have in high school. These are very important times in all of our lives and the memories stick with us forever. That is why we treat these priceless dates like they are our own and give you the safe and responsible, affordable and flexible, fun and luxurious transportation that you need for them. We're the safest people for the job, and that's a guarantee that we're happy to stick behind!

Beach & Sightseeing Tours

The greater Fort Myers area is visited by so many people every year and we understand what it's like to wish to fit as much experience into the time that you have away from home so, we're very serious about not only getting you where you'd like to be with enough time to spare to truly enjoy your time here but also, it's a must to us that we have knowledgeable chauffers and staff-members to help suggest places to you and be able to answer questions about your chosen destinations.

Of course we know how to treat your wedding day ... we've been there for these celebratory days so many times for so many people. We are completely honored to be a part of such a precious time in your life and we'd love to take on handling all of the driving and comfort-related needs so that all you two have to do is focus on your happiness. We're known to be dependable, reliable providers of wedding transportation in Fort Myers, so you can't go wrong giving us a call. Call us for more information about our amazing wedding transportation!

Corporate Transportation

When taking care of business responsibilities and/or getting away with those whom you work with, your focus shouldn't be on making deadlines. Therefore, our fine limos and able drivers are here to set your mind at ease so that your attention can be on what you'd actually prefer it be on. Whether it's a meeting with a potential client or transportation for the office holiday party, you'll find that we're there for any corporate event.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

So, you wish to go from place-to-place, having all of the fun in the world - on the night before your big life-changing day - and, you want to just do so safely, while surrounded by as much entertainment in between stops as possible? We are definitely the right limo service for you. We know all of those places, have the right vehicles to fit all of your friends and have able and helpful drivers. Call us to set up your night out today!

Sporting Events

Fort Myers residents always love to check out local sporting events. Enjoy tailgating in a way you've never experienced before with limousine transportation! This is the best way to enjoy sports without going through any of the inconveniences. You'll be able to completely enjoy the day to the fullest extent without having to find a designated driver. You'll never want to drive yourself to another sporting event once you've traveled like this!

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