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When first looking over the website of a true, professional limousine service, many potential clients are taken aback by the fact that there aren't "flat rates" anywhere to be found. That is because a company who truly knows the industry and who is looking out for your best interest has nearly ever-changing prices. Here are the reasons why ...

At Fort Myers Limo, we do everything in our power to save you money. That is the truth and one of the reasons why we have so much repeat business. We save you by utilizing last-minute changes to other clients' rentals, we factor in the day of the week and the demand for a limousine or party bus, the time of the year matters - as there is a "peak season" and a "non-peak season" and so on.

Everyone knows that fuel prices factor into any mode of transportation hugely these days. That is why we keep the best mechanics on staff at all times, to keep our limos in tip-top condition. The better they run, the less it costs you in fuel. We also offer special rates for weddings and other occasions.

Call us for a quote on whatever vehicle and date that you'd like and we will readily give you one. We urge customers to call around. You'll find that out of the reputable companies, we've got the most reasonable rates there are.

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